Part 1: Understanding Greed

The Original US Constitution is the formula for Discovering Utopia. But before we can unleash Mankind on this Epic Discovery, we must first dismantle Mankind’s greatest predator: the Force of Greed. To Dismantle Greed, we must understand it intimately….

Greed Hunts for Power

Greed is a Parasitic Energy, and it thrives on a system of Enslavement. Parasites do not kill, they Trap their prey and Exploit their Energy so they may grow more and more Powerful. The more Energy (life-force) they Trap, the more powerful the Parasite becomes.

The parasitic Force of Greed has infiltrated Mankind for thousands of years. Those who choose to live by Greed (Exploiters) have an insatiable appetite for Power.

To feed this appetite, Exploiters (of ALL Races, on ALL Continents, in every Century) strategically infiltrate structures that hold the most Power over the most amount of People. These structures include: Corporations, Governments, Ministries, Religions, Financial Institutions and other Power Pyramids.

Greed is Strategic

Power Pyramids are highly corruptible structures due to their intense concentration of power over large populations. Power Pyramids (corporations, for example) are so large, they may have thousands of administrators / employees working under the Top Executives, all with limited access to “the machine”.

Greed can easily hide in this “machine”, which means no one can fully see it, or verify it. Transparency is impossible in a Power Pyramid, making it the ideal hideout for Exploiters.

On its hunt for Power, parasitic Greed will infiltrate all Power Pyramids. However, the ultimate magnets for Greed are Power Pyramids where people cannot escape, or have no other choice. This represents a guaranteed flow of Capital to exploit. Specifically, this means Monopolies.

Monopolies: Greed’s Favorite Target

Some Corporations may become Monopolies…… however ALL National Governments are ALWAYS Monopolies. No matter what a Government enForces upon its people (by democracy or dictatorship, no difference), Citizens are physically trapped within their national borders, forced to feed the Exploiters (tax) and punished if they resist (jail).

With the unique benefit of physical borders and the ability to enForce Tax, National Governments, in particular, become the perfect trap and the Ultimate Target for the most evil Agents of Greed.

National Government Monopolies are the most dangerously corruptible Power Pyramids on Earth. It is wise to expect Evil — in very high concentrations — at the top of all National Governments.

Methods of Enslavement

Once Greed hijacks a National Government, enslavement and exploitation begins. Power hungry Governments see Mankind as only one thing: Human Capital. National borders keep Human Capital contained, so the “game” is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

The logic of Human Capital is this: Citizens must pay Government Tax on every hour they work, which generates money for the Government. The more Citizens are forced to work, the more money the Government collects for itself.

Governments also have the power to tax industries and manipulate currency. This increases the cost of food, housing and fuel, which forces Citizens to work more just to get by. More work means more Tax going to the Government.

If a Citizen falls into Debt, they must also pay interest on money borrowed (yet another Tax). With no place to escape, this Pyramid Scheme results in crippling Financial Enslavement, while YOUR Labor feeds the Elite, for life.

The Government can even manipulate the economy so Citizens cannot survive without assistance (low income, high tax, no jobs, no food). This creates a toxic relationship where the Enslaved must vote the abuser back into power, just so they can get their food stamps, unemployment benefits, sugarcoated with “free education” and “free childcare” if they’re lucky. The Government uses many tricks to keep the Enslaved under their thumb.

Greed Runs in Gangs

Greed is always on the hunt for more Power. While Exploiters entrap and exploit their primary population, they use our Tax Money to also strike deals (gang up) with other Governments and Corporations (Power Pyramids which have control over their own populations) in exchange for even more Power and Privilege for themselves and their exclusive network of associates.

Remember, Corporations and Governments are exactly the same beast. When Corporate News, Corporate Media, Big Education, Big Pharma, Big Banks and Big Government gang up, they can come from all directions to deceive and tranquilize their population into compliance.

How Greed Ultimately Conquers

With Corporate Media and Big Education involved, propaganda and indoctrination are easy tools this Gang of Power Pyramids uses to keep themselves in power.

Using propaganda, Corporate News will deceive us into thinking our Enemy is our Neighbor, so we destroy each other instead of them. Using indoctrination, they “teach” us to believe that Big means “better, kinder, more efficient, more capable of serving you and relieving you of your pain”. These ideas are a dangerous illusion.

Big does not mean Better. Big means less options, less transparency, less accountability, less freedom and even more Power and Control for the exclusive gang of exploiting Elites. Any narrative that proclaims Big Government means efficiency and Progress, is pure propaganda. Globalism is not Progress, is the ultimate form of Human Enslavement. With no way to escape this planet, it’s game over for Mankind.

Beware of All Power Pyramids

In summary, Power Pyramids are dangerously corruptible structures. When they grow large, they can easily be hijacked to exploit and abuse. When transparency and accountability becomes impossible, it crumbles into a money laundering Pyramid Scheme. As you can see, Greed reigns as the most cancerous, deceitful, relentless, and life-draining predator Mankind has ever seen.

With your newly trained eye, you can now see Power Pyramids in every arena. They are all dangerous. They exist as Corporations, Governments, Ministries, Religions, Institutions, etc. They occur in every industry: Media, News, Finance, Education, Health, Food, Drugs, Energy, etc. They all inevitably grow too big to be held accountable.

Luckily for us, The US Constitution is the formula for dismantling Greed in every arena, by shutting down its fuel source: The Power Pyramid. Let’s learn how…

Part 2: Dismantling Greed

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