Part 5: States Rights in 8 Steps

FORTUNATELY FOR AMERICANS, embarking on the path to an Enlightened Society won’t require a civil war, military takeover, or succession. It will only require a perspective shift. The US Constitution is already a champion of Local Governance, we just have to explain it that way. Luckily, “Local” is a language both liberals and conservatives gladly speak. Here are 8 steps to making the Shift to Local Governance:

#1 Reclaim our Power. Instead of looking to Washington to solve society’s challenges, we must first shift our perspective: look to our own local Town Halls for solutions. Then, let’s roll up our sleeves and join our neighbors in our own local Communities and Statehouses, and make it happen.

#2 Shift our National Narrative. Instead of promoting hate and division, media should rally all Citizens to join in this National Quest. With thousands of diverse local Communities all engaged in the scientific process of discovery, our national news should highlight new ideas, report on results, and celebrate success all around the Country.

#3 States take the Lead. Did you know, each State has its own living Constitution? This document is where each State imagines the blueprint for their ideal society, no matter how radical. Then, each State must promote this Vision in a campaign to attract their ideal residents, businesses, industries and more. This blueprint is constantly being improved upon by the State’s own elected Senators and Representatives, from within their own State House.

#4 Join your Tribe. If your particular ideas are currently the minority in your Community, your are now called upon to join a Community and State where your ideas are part of the majority. Everyone’s ideas and experiences are valuable in the discovery of Utopia. It is our responsibility to team up with others with the same Community Vision. If we remain fighting against neighbors with whom we don’t agree, our gifts will simply go to waste. Go join your tribe! Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to participate in Mankind’s age of Enlightenment.

#5 Shift to States Rights. Next, we untangle ourselves from our overreaching Centralized Government. First, all Social Policy (ie does not strictly fall within the limited federal powers ordained by The US Constitution) shall be automatically transferred from Washington to each State House. Then, each State Legislature shall ask, “Does this policy resonate with our State Vision, or do we have communities that want to offer up better alternatives? If it is the latter, trash the policy and let the Local Communities explore.

#6 Retire Washington. Any elected official who argues against moving Social Policy to the State jurisdiction, is against science and “letting the best ideas rise to the top”. If s/he is against this, s/he is clearly protecting the Power of the Ruling Class (The Exploiters). Now we will know exactly who the Exploiters are, and we can vote / kick them out.

#7 Practice Patience. The discovery of Utopia is mankind’s ultimate Quest. We are at the prophetic shifting point in Spiritual / Universal Energy. We should not expect Utopia to be discovered overnight. The Scientific process needs time, which means it will take a lifetime of exploration and experimentation. Just remember, life is a journey, not a destination. Utopia may be revealed only to our children.

#8 Live and Let Live. Lastly, let’s not hate others for their differing ideas. The more unique ideas are offered, the faster we can test and discover. Everyone’s ideas are fair game to be explored in their own majority communities. Instead of hate, have faith! The Constitution guarantees us this: the best ideas will shine and the weak, dangerous, ridiculous and outdated ideas will wither away as people move to participate in communities that work better. Trust in the Scientific Process.