Part 2: Dismantling Greed

Greed is Mankind’s most destructive adversary, and Government Greed, in particular, is lethal. To dismantle Government Greed and install a more sustainable Society Structure to take its place, we must understand Greed, and then dismantle its fuel source: the Power Pyramid.

The Power Pyramid of Government

Power Pyramids (Top-down Rule) have been the only formal model of Governance in thousands of years of human history. Top Down Rule is one set of laws administered to one population, which is contained within one National Boundary. By definition, this is a Government Monopoly.

Monarchy, Oligarchy, Dictatorship, Socialism, Communism, Fascism and (yes) a National Representative Democracy, are all just slight variations of the Government Power Pyramid, where The Few dictates to the Masses.

All variations have eventually corrupted, trapped and crippled generations of its nation’s people in the jaws of greed. Why? Because this Power Pyramid is an inherently shadowy structure that will inevitably grow too big to be transparent and accountable. Without competition, this Structure will grow more and more cancerous until it finally collapses.

The larger the Structure, the more shadowy it becomes. The shadows of a Power Pyramid are the perfect hideout for dishonest Agents of Greed. When Greed overtakes, Power Pyramids always corrupt into money-laundering pyramid schemes. It’s just the nature of the structure. This is what we are witnessing today.

Breaking Greed’s Trap

The key to dismantling Greed is this: Citizens must always have escape options. In other words, competition keeps Power Structures honest. The Original US Constitution creates an environment where 50 State Governments (and thousands of local governments) can compete with each other. When citizens are free to move to Local Governments with better ideas, Greed looses its human fuel.

For example, a State (California) is free to be as radically experimental as they want. But if the leaders allow their state to fail, its residents are free to move to a different state that works better (California residents are now leaving). When Citizens cannot be trapped, Greed will be starved of its human fuel (its tax base) and will (eventually) die a natural death.

In contrast, if a National Government falls corrupt (starts implementing radical ideas like California), the Citizenry has no escape options. We will be trapped within our national borders, to be taxed, exploited, jailed and enslaved for our labor, so that the Ruling Class may live protected, in luxury, for life. Citizens must always have escape options.

As long as Greed is a force to recon with here on Earth, we must operate in a way that keeps us out of Greed’s trap. The US Constitution installs such a society, while unleashing mankind on an epic (free market) journey of scientific and spiritual discovery.

Centralized Government is a Dead End

Centralized Government is one-size-fits-all, where a few privileged politicians install one blunt, “solution” to apply to millions of diverse citizens. There are no alternatives to compare results, no benchmarks to determine success or failure, and no way for communities to maintain their diversity.

Moreover, radical ideas won’t be sufficiently tested, which means serious irreversible damage can occur in Society over time.

For example, a National Campaign to obscure gender identity in young children is a high-risk proposition, and may result in disabling physical and psychological damage to future adults of reproductive age. While experimentation in a few isolated communities is fair, a Centralized Government issuing this directive to its entire population, without any testing, can potentially cause its society to biologically collapse within 50 years.

Centralized Governments keep proving to us, time and time again, that they are irresponsible, insensitive, inflexible, untrustworthy, unresponsive, inefficient, ineffective, self-serving, and downright deceitful and dangerous. This is the opposite of Diversity, Progress and Enlightenment. It is the systemic suffocation of mankind.

The Escape

States Rights is the Soul of the Constitution. It’s not “Democracy!” that makes it particularly special, it is States Rights. Without States Rights, this nation will fall to totalitarianism and corruption, just as all Power Pyramids have in the past.

History has taught us again and again: Absolute Power corrupts absolutely. After 150 years of Greed’s gradual infiltration, we are now staring this grim reality in the face, again.

If we bravely choose to abandon Washington in the name of States Rights — we can force the dismantling of corrupt Washington politics, and free ourselves from the talons of Greed.

But if collapse and entrapment is not motivating enough…. let’s explore how States Rights can also create the most Progressive Society on Earth. No civil war, no secession needed, because it’s an offer that simply cannot be refused….

Part 3: Discovering Utopia

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