States Rights: How “Local” can unite America

A winning Political Narrative is one that can bring All Americans to One Side, unite us against our Common Adversary, and paint a Bright Future to excite us all. The following essay presents such a persuasion.

All honest Liberals and Conservatives are ultimately fighting the exact same thing: Greed. Both parties want to dismantle Greed, as they see it in the other’s ideology. To dismantle Greed, we must address its power source: top-down power structures.

What are top-down power structures? Centralized governments, corporate monopolies, federal banks, the IMF, globalist institutions and institutionalized religions, and other structures where Few dictate to Many.

Top-down power structures concern both parties. For example, the left fights to dismantle all-powerful Corporations, while the right fights to dismantle all-powerful Governments. They are essentially the same beast, and in both cases, Decentralization (competition) is the solution.

All top-down power structures are inherently shadowy and corruptible, even when they begin with good intentions. The larger the entity grows, the less competition, and the less transparent and accountable it becomes. This fact is simply due to the nature of the structure. It needs pruning.

Greed is highly attracted to the shadows of top-down power structures. When these structures grow too big, shadows prevail, and Greed thoroughly infiltrates. These structures then collapse into money-laundering pyramid schemes. If you look around, you will notice that all of our systems are collapsing, and Greed is now what we are all fighting.

So, just as “Local Business”, “Local Food” and “Local Radio” etc are the battlecry for liberals who fight to dismantle our Corporate Monopolies, “Local Government” should be the battlecry for conservatives who fight to dismantle our Government Monopoly. “Local” is the street-term for Decentralization, and it unites. 

For example, let’s look at Cryptocurrency. Crypto = DeFi = Decentralized Finance. DeFi is the block-busting contender to Big Banks, and is supported by Liberals and Conservatives alike. This proves that we all can be united simply on this principle of Decentralization. 

Luckily for us, the Original 1776 US Constitution was explicitly built to Decentralize Government Power, right out of the box. To unite all Americans, all we have to do is describe it this way (yes, our Framers were that brilliant).

Now is the time to revisit the practice of Local Governance. Then we can adjust our party’s narrative to quickly and gently untangle our fellow Americans and bring them along the logical path toward States Rights and the Original US Constitution. Afterall, the US Constitution is the original “Local”. Say goodbye, Washington Machine.

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You’ll also learn more about the nature of Greed, and how to recognize and dismantle Greed in all its earthly forms. Even more exciting, you’ll learn how States Rights is literally a competitive Free Market for great ideas on society’s evolution.

Truly, nothing is more progressive than the Original 1776 US Constitution. In fact, by definition, States Rights is the scientific process for the rapid Discovery of Utopia (heaven on earth). And who couldn’t want that!? Unless, of course, Progress and Science isn’t what you’re actually after…

The logic of States Rights is also a simple way to quickly expose the hypocritical Agents of Greed, back them into a corner, and shine a floodlight on them for all to see. Hint: our enemy is not each other, that’s just an illusion. 

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